Contrary to popular belief not all Doves are White! Find out how Khooghi (The red collared dove) managed to survive for 153 years. Kauser Mukhthar has created a family friendly show set within a beautiful toy theatre stage. The story is told using puppetry, music and live song from Saif ul Mulooq (The journey of Love) a Kashmiri folk tale, with a brand new script written in both Punjabi and English. You will experience, humour, tragedy but most of all hope.  How did cassette letters connect British Pakistani’s who came to work in the mills to their families in Azad Kashmir? 

Khooghi was brought to life by the Sufi Saint Mian Muhammed Baksh in British India under the shadow of the Empire. Khooghi survived partition and after some tragic events found refuge in Halifax West Yorkshire. Once again Khooghi is in Mortal danger from the Hawk and the Hunter she needs your help if she is to survive. Will you come? Will you save Khooghi?