Benny Shakes: Below The Belt (Live)

Below the Belt with Benny Shakes

BELOW THE BELT is a game show with a difference, highlighting disability awareness. Hosted by Benny Shakes and co-hosts Kate Lovelock and Mark Burkwood, four able bodied comedians get to experience how it feels to have a disability by playing four games – such as “Below The Belt” where the guests have to draw a picture with their feet, akin to artists with no hands and use their feet to make their living. The show also has “Jamie’s Gamey”, which sees contestants try to guess phrases from Jamie Price’s AAC device. In addition to that, “The Price Is Wrong” gives the chance for the four to guess how much a disability aid is from its description. The fourth game is interspersed within the show and sees the comedians having recorded themselves trying to do a normal everyday task using just one arm or leg.

1 hour